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The site provides two streams through embedded code and are streamed live from the International Space Station from NASA through USTREAM.

While realtime video feeds and related audio from the International Space Station feed are provided courtesy of NASA, we are not associated, connected or endorsed by NASA or any related agencies. Orbital.Webcam is a private venture, we do not state, mention or imply anywhere that we represent or are endorsed by any national space agency. Video streams are provided "as is" without warranty and/or gaurantee of their performance, accessibility or capabilities and we have no control over their broadcast, advertising, social chat capabilities or content. The NASA feeds are currently streamed through USTREAM, a third-party provider which we have no control over or association with. USTREAM makes money from advertising presented with the video streams.

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Orbital.Webcam™ is a trademark and tradename belonging to the owners of Orbital.Webcam.
While realtime video feeds from the International Space Station are provided courtesy of NASA, we are not associated, endorsed nor connected to the agency and are a private venture.